Students walk away from a Changepoint Program with conflicts resolved, new friendships launched, a sense of unity with their peers and hope for the future of their school careers.

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Changepoint Learning has been helping students “Be Difference Makers” since 2002. Through the use of our high energy, multiple stimulus, one-day presentations, we can assist your students and staff in catalyzing positive change in the culture of your school.

If you work with students, you are all too familiar with the fact that addressing issues of disrespect, diversity and gender intolerance, stereotyping and bullying isn’t as simple as saying, “Stop doing that.” Real change involves a mental and emotional shift in each individual.

Changepoint’s programs help students move past the ignorance that empowers disrespect, intolerance, stereotyping and bullying by creating experiences and environments where they discover an authentic empathy for one another. By seeing life “through the eyes” of their classmates, they gain understanding and trade a critical attitude for a compassionate perspective. We look forward to meeting you and your students, having a great day(s) and seeing perspectives and actions morph right before our eyes!

Our goal is to help shift the tide on elementary, middle and high school campuses to become positive, safe, respectful, tolerant, compassionate, and healthy relational environments.

FUSE ~ grades 4-6

Coming in 2017, Changepoint Learning is introducing a new program for upper elementary aged students.

Changepoint Learning impacts elementary and secondary schools by offering the following experiential programs, including the award winning, Be The Difference:

  • FUSE ~ for elementary students, grades 4-6
  • The ID Project ~ for middle school students, grades 7-8
  • Be The Difference ~ for high school students, grades 9-12

Changepoint’s experiential programs are designed to keep every student fully engaged throughout the entire day. Each program utilizes large group games, activities, small group discussions, interactive talks and engaging personal stories from our team of amazing facilitators. Each one of your students will complete the day having been positively impacted by their peers and the program.


The ID Project ~ grades 7-8

The ID Project celebrates all things Junior High!! In the midst of high intensity group games that will leave them sweaty and out of breath, talks, group times and activities are interjected to help each student connect with her/his identity (ID).

The ID Project is specially designed to provide 7th and 8th grade students a forum where each can safely discuss and dialogue with others this radical period of mental, emotional, physical and social growth and change. As students traverse this extreme fast-forward internally and externally, graceful peer interactions are often the last to develop. The ID Project helps each student connect with her/his spot in the journey, and how to positively view their peers on their journeys.

Key topics covered by The ID Project are:

  • Self-Awareness
  • My House (Family of Origin)
  • Choices: Mature or Immature
  • Owning One’s Uniqueness
  • Friendship Influences

“I believe we need more programs like this where students are led to realize the value of other students’ differences.”

Junior High Teacher

Be The Difference ~ grades 9-12

The award winning Be The Difference has been impacting thousands of students each school year since 2002. Two primary goals are shared with students at the outset of the day: (1) To know the other students in the room (up to 250!) much better than you do now; and (2) To allow the other students to know you much better than they currently do.

At Changepoint, we believe that ignorance is a prime root cause contributing to negative attitudes, behaviors and interactions. With Be The Difference, your students will be taught skills to help them move past ignorance to knowing others and allowing themselves to be known ~ to discover the story behind every face.

Our unique activities break down stereotypical barriers between students by enlightening them to the life stories of their classmates, resulting in inclusion and respect. Our program engages students to surface pain and adversity in their lives, and how to react to those situations positively. We provide the opportunity for conflict resolution and teach skills on giving affirmation.

This radically intense experience happens within our goal number one of having a great time! Your students and staff will have a blast! Your students will be so engaged; they will forget the time and the fact that they are learning! Our experienced facilitators have decades of experience working with students. They will provide incredibly honest and personal life examples into each presentation leaving your students in riveted attention. Even your most difficult students will relate to the real-life stories of our presenters.

“Very positive — I appreciate you giving students the opportunity to own the school’s culture.”

Guidance Counselor

“Very powerful program and much needed in our world — especially with social media issues!”



Watch the video to the right to get a sample of one of our speakers in action. This particular talk compares the analogy of an iceberg to humans — only 10% is visible above the water, 90% is below the surface. Don’t make assumptions about others by mere external observations — get to know the 90% of each individual!


To get a sense of what the program looks like, click on the first picture below and browse our gallery.

“Be The Difference has created a real leadership impact for our overall eleventh grade experience. It has provided great training for students to lead collectively as a senior class in setting a positive tone for the whole school.”    ~ High School Principal